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Surviving Covid19

This is how we can help our clients, friends and family in the face of Corona virus.

8 Easy Steps

1. Avoid  Congestion

2. Do not go to crowded places and if you do make sure you keep a 2 meters distance

3. Wear a face mask if necessary

4. Use a hand sanitizer regularly

5. Take supplements  such as  Vitamin C  twice a day ( you should also consider supplements with minerals  and vitamins as well as eating foods rich in vitamin c such as oranges)

6. Eating immunity strengthening foods, such as honey, green vegetables, yogurt and bio drinks like  yukult

8. Increase internal immunity by meditating (the act of meditation may vary from person to person -breathing and physical exercises is also very useful


What should you look out for?

Watch out for Flu like symptoms:

1. Cough

2. Sore throat


4. Runny nose

5. Headache

6. General fatigue

7. Lose of smell and taste

Tips - Use Vitamin D especially because of the partial lockdown you are not likely to get enough sunshine. A simple maintenance dose will be helpful.

Use your hand sanitizer and avoid touching your mouth and eyes with unclean hands. Please note water and soap is always the best option. It is only where that is impossible, use hand sanitizer.​